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Alternative Septic Systems
Alternative Septic Systems have been in existence for several decades. In January of 2008, the NJDEP officially accepted Alternative Systems and issued a guidance document for the design of these systems and officially incorporated them into their 2012 code revision. Two types of systems which are commonly used are referred to as Biofilters and Aerobic Treatment Units (or ATU’s). Biofilters systems are considered “Green Systems” as they use Coco Husks or Peat Fiber as filtration for treating septic effluent. ATU’s, as the name suggests, involve the introduction of oxygen into the treatment tank.

Projects are unique in their requirements, however Alternative Septic Systems are often utilized to reduce the height of a mounded system, provide pre-treatment for very small systems and to environmentally protect lake, stream and wetland eco systems. As each project is unique, so are the characteristics of the treatment systems. In order to provide flexibility into our designs, we have become a Certified Designer for several Alternative System Manufacturers which include:

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Puraflo Peat Fibre Boifilters are manufactured by Anua-USA, and consists of Peat Fibre Modules with a life expectancy of 15 years. This 100% natural system delivers great results with low operating and maintenance costs. The system is Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and can eliminate the need for mounded systems in many cases. We have engineered many Puraflo systems in Northern New Jersey.

SeptiTech aerobic trickling filters are manufactured by SeptiTech Wastewater Technologies .
These Aerobic septic treatment units can be used in the most difficult areas where traditional solutions will not work.  We have been installing these units form may years in the North New Jersey area.  Give us a call and let us help you see if Septi Tech is the right solutions for your septic needs. 

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Ecoflo Coco Biofilters are manufactured by Premier Tech Aqua and utilize Coco media for treating effluent. These units provide versatility in design as they can be used with gravity distribution or pressure distribution utilizing the built-in pump chamber.
Presby Adavanced Enviro Septic (AES) Treatment Systems are manufactured in the USA by Presby Environmental. The AES system utilizes larger diameter pipes with multiple fabric wraps and relies on venting to the atmosphere to regulate the cycling aerobic and anaerobic conditions. AES systems are gravity flow systems or can utilize a pump for elevation lift if dictated by site conditions.